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SEO professional and Digital Strategist since 2001.

My name is Adam J. Humphreys, Helping business succeed and grow.

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  • How would you describe a typical workday for a digital strategist?

    Is every work day typically the same? Or would you say it's a needs based position?

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    Search engines change 500 times plus per year to the 200 signals alone. Then you have ever continuous evolving code, analytics data and after all that applying funds to new areas while updating sites. Continuous client conversations and often long days. You absolutely have to love this job because it requires constant learning and patience. Most important the continued attention to mastery of a variety of areas in digital marketing as there's a variety of disciplines one covers and has to keep up with apps wise etc. It just never stops. The fun part is conferences and travel. Having a ton of patience for clients and their not understanding questions is always a blast.