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I've spent 260 days of my life in the air.

My name is Adam Senatori, photographer, filmmaker, pilot

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  • Do you try to post every day on your instagram?

    How consistent do you try to be to your followers when posting new material?

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    Thanks for the questions. To start, no I don't try to post everyday to Instagram. I post infrequently with no real time table. Generally speaking, the majority of my posts to Instagram coincide with my travels where I'll be pretty active while on the trip. But then I'll disappear if I'm in between trips. This strategy is not optimal in a social media sense but it tracks with my approach to life. Less is more.

    I've always used my Instagram account in an unconventional manner. That is, utilizing the feed as an extension of my website, a portfolio, a showcase of my best work. This approach has allowed me a certain level of consistency to those who choose to follow. I'm not sure this approach appeals to everyone, and it certainly has limitations like fewer, infrequent posts, but I feel most comfortable doing it this way.