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My name is Alan Chavez, SaaS Founder; Web Application Engineer; Android Engineer.

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  • Quick survey: Does it matter to you what industry you're in?

    As an IT professional, do you find yourself to be more enthusiastic about your job if the end product/service the company you work for delivers is something you care about/like?

    This, of course, assumes that all other factors are equal (pay, commute times etc.)

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    It matters at least to me. I second @Mark T opinion that I have had jobs whose product I didn't care about at all. The job got done nonetheless but there wasn't a single day that I thought "oh man, this is exciting"

    So it may not be true for everybody, but that feeling hinders your ability to deliver exceptional results. Once you work on something that you truly care about, and it doesn't have to be like "helping people's lives" or whatever, it could be as superficial as "I really want this scraper to extract all email addresses from this website" then you deliver exceptional results and everybody's happy.