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My name is Alan Sheridan, Senior Software Engineer at Google

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  • When is the right time to ask my manager for a full time position?

    I'm a software engineer intern at Google. I'm enjoying my experience since the time that I started here and I would love to work here once I graduate. I'm not sure what the hiring process is for interns wanting to become a full-time hire, but I definitely want to do whatever it takes to get a job here for next year once I graduate with a CS degree. In addition to when, what are some things I need to do as a summer intern to make sure I make a better case to get hired upon graduating?

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    I was an intern and was converted to a full-time role, and have hosted an intern and led him through the conversion process. If you are currently at Google as a Software Engineer Intern and haven't already asked your manager about conversion, just ask, there's no harm and it's expected that you'll talk about it (and if you don't you'll probably be talked to by a recruiter eventually about it anyways).

    The best advice if you're already here is just to do a really awesome job on whatever your project is, work with a lot of people, and show that you're as valuable to have on the team as a full-time engineer. (Not that having a great LinkedIn/GitHub isn't good too, just that if you're already at Google, focus on doing a great job at your internship because that feedback means a lot for conversion)

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    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for this response. I had a couple of follow up questions.

    What does it mean to 'host' an intern?

    Can any full-time engineer lead an intern through the conversion process?

    Do a majority of interns become converted from your experience?

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    'host'-ing an intern (or at least what I was referring to) means that you are the manager and project lead for the intern. [You come up with a cool idea, help the intern craft a way to make it happen in 3 months, and then are responsible for tracking their progress and evaluating them]. There are also sometimes 'mentors' for interns, which are more like people who look out for an intern and might be on related teams or might just be someone that the intern grabs lunch with every so often.

    As far as I know, any full-time engineer can apply to host an intern, but you have to be approved long ahead of time, so it's not like I can just decide I want to host an intern a few weeks from now.

    In terms of percentages of interns converting, I can only give anecdotal advice and say that being an intern is the best way to prove that you should be a full-time employee, because you're working along side full time employees doing very similar work. So if you get to be an intern, and you do an awesome job on your project, then that's the best indicator you'll do great as a full-time employee.