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My name is Alex T. Steffen, I'm a digital marketer, User eXperience designer and founder of the digital consultancy

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  • How would you suggest someone get started on building a brand around content online?

    Creating quality content that encourages people to share is said to be a great marketing strategy. How could a novice company or organization go about getting started?

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    Hi Shawn

    My main goals for content are:- brand awareness- community building- differentiation- trust-building- SEO improvements- conversion

    In order to achieve these goals I create content in alignment with Peter Morville’s user experience honeycomb ( According to this school of thought content has to be- useful- usable- desirable- valuable- findable- credible- accessible

    I strive for quality over quantity (one really good piece is better than three average articles) so I make sure the content- is well-researched- has a minimum length of 1000 words- has a decent readability score- contains appealing visuals- has a magnetic headline

    Google appreciates content quality so this approach, although time-consuming, increases visibility and SEO score as well as sharability. The ultimate question is: Am I proud of this piece of content at the time of publishing and will I still be in 12 month’s time?

    If you want to know more feel free to explore our site

    All the best!