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My name is Alexander Mayes, I'm a product designer that focuses on simplicity and the use of intentionality to craft well thought out experiences.

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  • How do you view the combination of software engineering and design?

    Hi, I am a currently a Computer Science student at a university. I recently found out my passion for the beauty and design. I like to apply color and art to create something beautiful, for example, creating a neat interface. How do you view this combination (software engineering and design) for the future?

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    Hey there,

    Thanks for the question! I think being a designer is much more than just applying color, creating something beautiful and/or making a UI organized. I believe designers have the potential to be pioneers of the human psyche. Who should be attuned to process of how humans could and should think. This allows them to create something that is easy, simple, and some what lasting that solves problems and has successful attributes.

    I believe this is what separates good designers from great designers. It's the same methodology that engineers would take. Do you JUST write code or do you create the lifeblood of the product and that allows it to actually breathe?

    I think it's hard to be great at both. I'd rather be a great designer or engineer, than be just okay at both.

    - Alexander