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Multi-genre author of awesome

My name is Alianne Donnelly, I'm an author of mostly romance books that cross genres into fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, horror, and fairy tale.

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  • How do you know how much to charge for writing?

    I'm thinking about doing some freelance writing jobs and was wondering how you figured out your rate? Is it better to lowball it first and raising to slowly? Also, do you honor special pricing for loyal clients or does that not happen that much?

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    I'm a novelist, so I'm not sure how much help I can be. My books are usually priced by length. $3.99 for standard, full-length novels, less for novellas, and more if the book is super long (I only have one of those at the moment).

    For a freelancer, I'd say ask around in your industry and see what the standard is. It's my understanding that some people charge a flat fee per piece and others charge by word count. It really depends on what you're writing and for whom.