How do you cut down education costs without compromising the quality of the programs for faculty?

Hello, I'm a graduate from UCLA and since graduating I only hear about the constant tuition raises. I'm currently at UCSF for medical school now and I can't imagine how challenging your job can be when facing questions about high education costs. In these cases, what do you do and how do you answer them?

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Dear Anonymous,

You have asked an important and complex question and I will share my thoughts and offer some context.

First, over the past decade many states have experienced financial difficulties and one common way legislatures have cut state budgets is to reduce their financial support of public colleges and universities. These public institutions have often been forced to increase tuition and fees (sometimes mandated by the legislature) to balance the institution's budet. I am sincerely concerned about the cost of education and as an administrator whenever possible, I have advocated for an increase in the financial aid budget when tuition increases occurred so that we could help reduce the burden on economically disadvantaged students.