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Digital Product Manager, Mobile Payments at Capital One

My name is Amy Phan, previously in non-profit education, finance, tech. Cal alum, currently at Northwestern.

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  • How valuable is it to show my undergraduate degree on my resume if I finished up my graduate work?

    Should I even include my undergraduate degree information on my resume? I recently finished up my graduate work and after a few months of relaxing and taking some vacation. I am now searching for a programmer role. I've heard that most recruiters look at your most recent degree. I'm wondering if I even need to include my undergraduate degree on my resume if that is the case. I would not mind at all taking this information out since the college that I went to does not have as good a "reputation" as the graduate school that I went to.

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    I've read through resumes where only the name of the school and degree type is listed (ex. UC Berkeley, BS) and think that's perfectly acceptable. It would look questionable if it's omitted completely. I'd focus more on your experiences than anything else.