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Co-Founder of Quake Labs, helped create the original iPhone at Apple. Steve Jobs name

My name is Andy Grignon, Founder of Quake Labs (Eightly), starter of webOS and iPhone

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  • How is the transition from regular employee to startup founder?

    How did you previous position at Apple prepare you for the role of Co-Founder? Did you have to pick up new skills?

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    Apple prepared me from a technical and managerial perspective. I learned industry best practices there, and was mentored by some of the best technology leaders on earth. But the thing that helped me most was moving to Palm - Apple shields most from the outside world, but being an exec at Palm put me in touch with a wide range of people, from PR, to marketing, to investors.

    But the transition from Big Stupid Company to startup isn't anything I was ever really prepared for. Especially as CEO, you're in charge of everything from raising $ to building product to finding someone to take out the garbage. The biggest change was realizing there's no safety net - the people above and around you at larger organizations (generally) all perform valuable functions. Not having them there can be jarring, but if you go all-in you'll learn some invaluable stuff. I know the experience has made me a better leader, and more cognizant of what it takes company-wide to launch a product.

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    It must have been difficult to go through such an intense transition. What advice would you give a young professional going through a similar change of pace?

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    How do you handle the stress of being a CEO and having to take care of everything? Are there techniques that help with that while not distracting from the job?