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Engineer's Mind ~ Designer's Heart. Graphics, Woodworking, Gardening & Domestic Diva!

My name is Angela Lofton Moore, Communications Expert. Voice/data network design, visual graphics/web design specializing in WordPress and Adobe.

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  • What is the most difficult aspect of designing a custom graphic for a company?

    Do you need to keep the size in mind? Are there other aspects that can impact the final design outcome?

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    I find that the most difficult thing is to work with a group of people who all have a totally different idea of what the graphic should be. Most of the time, when working with one person, they have an idea that I can build upon, create several renderings of and present. When you have 4 people who are not in accord with each other, it can become a circus. At that point you have to get them to come together, have each describe the concept and reason for their idea, then have them agree on the main items the final graphic should convey and, if at all possible, have them designate one person to work with me going forward. You do NOT want to work with multiple people at the same time. Size of the logo is a consideration since the graphic may have to be viewed on a cell phone as well as a billboard and it should look good in both. Colors are important as they convey different things and evoke different emotions. In most cases, I find that simpler is better.