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Clarity Alchemist. Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Strategy Coach. Law of Attraction Coach.

My name is Anne Bolender, I help online women entrepreneurs & women wanting lifestyle transitions successfully reach their desired goals.

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  • How do you advertise to your clients? How do you obtain repeat clients when your focus is highly specialized?

    You work as a life coach, but your coaching has a definite spin to it that seems like it might have a relatively small scope of clients to serve. How do you market your coaching to ensure you reach a broader client base than those people who are already interested in the law of attraction? Do you market yourself differently to "believers" vs. "non-believers"?

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    Thank you for the question.

    Actually, the client base for people wanting to learn more about the Law of Attraction or learn how to improve their ability to be successful with the Law of Attraction or to change their mindset so they can create their ideal lifestyle is huge!!

    For example, Dr. Wayne Dyer has sold almost 40 million books and his books are still selling. Jerry and Esther Hicks' Abraham nine books have sold multiple million copies of each book!

    The assumption that there are not a lot of people who believe in the power of the Law of Attraction, or that the Law of Attraction is not worth believing in is not my assumption or belief.

    So my preference for clients is to attract only those people who are familiar with the Law of Attraction, who want to learn more about the Law of Attraction, and want to learn how to use the techniques and tools associated with the Law of Attraction, or Conscious Creation as I prefer to call it. I don't have to try to convince these individuals of the value and the power of the Law of Attraction, or discuss the science that supports how the Law of Attraction works and why it is so successful. My ideal clients get all of that, and want to know more.

    As for marketing differently to non-believers - I don't market to non-believers. There are plenty of other coaches available to work non-believers and feel that this type of client is their ideal client. I don't feel the need to chase non-believers with my marketing.