What are some important things to consider when choosing a nursing school?

Some have said that a nursing education is a nursing education. It does not matter whether you attend an Ivy League or a community college. Would you agree or disagree with this statement?

For a prospective nursing student, why is it worth to shell out tens of thousands of dollars and attend a private university (that may be out-of-state) rather than go to your nearby state or CC college?

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Not all nursing schools are the same! The question you need to ask is what school is best for me? An important consideration—think about getting a BSN. In relation to types of schools – each offer something unique. Penn, for example, offers opportunities to quickly advance to an MSN and/or PhD – by taking graduate level courses while still an undergrad. We are a research-intensive environment, so students have the opportunity to work with faculty doing research. In addition, as part of a larger University, there are opportunities for multiple minors and dual degrees. Our Penn Nursing/Wharton program for example, is a highly competitive program that prepares health care leaders. Investing in education - at least in nursing – is a good return on investment. I would not make assumptions about the cost of an education until you see the type of financial aid available. The University of Pennsylvania is one of a handful to have no loan financial aid available. The best piece of advice I received about education was – “worry about getting in to a program; once you are in – the money will follow.” I hope you will be open to exploring options – and asking these good questions – before you make a decision.