What is the most memorable event that has happened to you during your nursing career?

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This is a really difficult question! I have had so many great experiences - as a clinician, educator, and researcher. There are many experiences that have touched me personally – and that helped me to grow as a professional and as a person. As a clinician, working in a children’s hospital, I had wonderful experiences – and great fun – working with children and adolescents as they recovered from an illness. I have been welcomed and have felt part of many families in the process. As a researcher, I have been able to design, conduct, and evaluate the effects of an intervention reduce sexual risk behavior. I did this in collaboration with adolescents, parents, and community members. Seeing the results as we delivered the program – and the reactions of the adolescents to what they were learning brought me great satisfaction. Hearing from communities that now use this program – has been fulfilling. As an educator, I get great joy from the successes of my students – not just in finishing a course – but in seeing their career trajectory. In short – nursing is a profession that brings enormous joy. We are privileged to be present and guide individuals and families at the most intimate parts of their lives – from birth to death.