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I manage and connect social influencers with brands

My name is Atha, I work as an influencer specialist who deals with bloggers, social media influencers, celebrities that needed by brands

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  • How did you get started?

    did you go to college? know people from your life and stumble into career?

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    If you mean how i started this job, then i'd say they related each other basically. I studied communications when i was in college. I had to learn about how you communicate with people. Personally and professionally. I learnt how to broaden my networks as well.

    That will work really good if you have many influential friends in your circle. For example, i have a lot of musician friends who have big fan base and they can help you to know some important people in their circle. I also have some friends who work with media. Whether it's online, broadcasting or printed media. They will help you a lot in the future.

    Before i decided to be an Influencer specialist, i've been working for several jobs related to my study. From Public Relations, Marketing Communication and Social Media Specialist. This job is kinda new thing for people like me. But apparently, the tasks are relatively similar to marketing communication/PR nowadays. Only have some differences in certain things. I never thought that my experiences would lead me to my job right now. But it happened. So here i am now ;)