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  • The Scrum Framework seems really obvious? Is it very successful in the industry?

    I'm new to the field so I'm curious as to what is "used everyday" because its good or what is just used because "thats how its done."

    Wanted a veteran's outlook. Is it a big deal? Have you had success with it?

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    In general, many companies are applying "agile" methodologies.

    Unfortunately, this is often applied only as deeply as a buzzword. Companies add daily standup meetings, but no trained facilitator.

    Scrum is one of several agile methodologies. Although simple, they are real processes and people need some training in them.

    If the team has a trained scrum master and most people on the team want to use Scrum, than it can be a good way to operate.

    If it is forced from above and people are not bought in, it is just another aspect of a job that one puts up with.

    I've studied Agile (including Scrum) and been on teams that used it both appropriately and poorly. I think it is a methodology that is great for the following unfortunate situations:* Coping with a chaotic business that aren't tech savvy* Optimizing team performance with mediocre talent or low moral

    A benefit is transparency to the business and being able to change plans very quickly to respond to changing business priorities.

    A risk I've seen is that without long term vision for what you're trying to build, you can feel like your making good progress every week, but you're really just randomly walking around without ever getting anywhere.

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    Very much agree to that last paragraph. Also, Scrum's focus on short term delivery can quickly lead to a lot of Technical Debt and Refactoring work when mid or long term goals are not taken into account.