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My name is Barbara K. Baker, Also, family, gardening and Cincinnati. I am loyal to a fault!

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  • What Social Media site is your personal favorite and why?

    Certainly one has to think of where their audience is at for business purposes, but I wonder what your personal favorite is for ease of use, engagements, etc.

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    Because I am loyal to a fault... it's Twitter especially for business connection and learning. I have been active at the site since March 2007 (!!!), and I have helped launch hundreds if not thousands of users.

    At times, I am most active at Facebook, because of work, family and friend activity. It is the most *used* social site and it's imperative I know what's happening there.

    But if I had to use only one site, and I do when I take a break or need to just quickly "check in" on the web, it's definitely Twitter. I think it's because it's so easy to use and so *mobile* since I have been using some sort of smart phone for over ten years!

    For visual time off, to "get lost on the web pleasure," I've gone back to Flickr. The professional photographers there are just amazing. Instagram cannot begin to hold a candle to the quality. You folks at WiseLike should consider adding a link to Flickr since it's where most serious photographers hang... although, they need Instagram too.

    Good enough answer, Michele? Thanks for asking! :)

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    Great answer Barbara! Twitter is my favorite too, or at least it was. I preferred the old newsfeed, however, where you could see more conversations and jump in on them.

    I wonder what plans Jack Dorsey has up his sleeves now that he's heading up Twitter again.

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    I agree that convo there is less than in the past. I have learned to converse more through live events and hashtags.

    And while the spam, and porn, are truly annoying for my female "mom of a teen boy" eyes (ew!), the information and learning are beyond great. It IS my news feed esp. since Google destroyed Feedburner and Feedly is so wonky esp. for mobile. I am an extensive builder of lists there.

    Also, I have never used my personal account as a "follow everyone" account. That ruined many old marketers towards Twitter.

    In regards to Jack, I will hold back and just say this: it could go either way with him.

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    Twitter is also my personal favourite especially as the initial entry point for engaging with influencers.

    It's not the greatest in terms of traffic to the site but does help in getting our brand recognised.