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  • I feel like I am failing already, is this normal?

    I am a third year student and have kept a good GPA along with good motivation. I worked for the school for around a year and went from tech writer to a test intern. For some reason, over the past month or so I have felt like things are going downhill. I had a company pay for me to travel to do an interview. I had already passed their technical screening prior to the trip. When I was there and did the interview, I flat out failed the coding part. Needless to say, they were not at all pleased.

    I have had a lot of stress over the last month as well as I have been trying to find an internship. I just feel as though I am on overload and as such have started to get worse grades and diminished job performance. With all of this going on, I feel like I have left myself down and am not sure any more if working hard and persevering will pull my out of the hole I am in. I had some level of post-collegiate success, but is this kind of road bump something normal?

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    Everyone will experience highs and lows. This is normal. I am experiencing a low right now. When this happens, I take a step back, do something I really enjoy (weightlifting) and slowly come back to terms with my goals. Ask yourself - what is the most important thing you should be doing right now? Write it down. What is next in line after that? Set small goals and as you achieve them, things will start to come in place.

    You won't pass all interviews either - that's a good thing. If you can't pass their interview, odds are you won't really like working with the people that did pass. It keeps the culture in check.