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Curious Entrepreneur, coach and founder of Athletic Food.

My name is Benjo, I coach young men more intelligent than me how to life their dreams, be happy, build muscles and creat stuff people love

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  • What types of research go into deciding if a new business is a viable idea or not?

    While no business idea is foolproof, surely there are some tips to help minimize risk. What are the most effective ways of performing this research?

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    Do research on the whole industry not only your business. For example I start Athletic Food in Paris. I did research on the French fitness industry. I know its 7 years behind the USA and approx 5 behind the UK one. After that I tested the idea but creating a beta of my product as fast as I could. I product that you must be ready to receive all the bad and good comments. After that you MUST find time for yourself on yourself and ask yourself (again) if you ready to make it your life. If you make it pass that stage f*cking go for it