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Digital Consultant & Community Builder

My name is Bernard Bontemps, My passion is to connect the right people with each other !

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  • How did you develop an interest in connecting like-minded professionals in Asia?

    Did you take initiative to start a LinkedIn group because you felt there was a lack of networking and collaboration in your networking circles?

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    I used to live in Bangkok and travel across Southeast Asia. I became passionate about these countries... Graduating this year I plan to come back for a long term employment. I took the initiative to start the LinkedIn group LinkAsia because there was a lack of networking community focused on Asia. In less than 10 months, over 3,000 members joined the community. Recruiters are posting job offers and candidates have the opportunity to get in touch with them directly. The advantage of a community is that it's free for everyone, no cost involved on either side because we are collaborative. My interest is that I can send emailing campaign directly to all of the members of the community which is great if I want to start a business in this field later.