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I write around 5000 words of technical content per day.

My name is Bruno Škvorc, SitePoint's PHP Channel Editor, Dev Evangelist

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  • How do you balance working at multiple companies?

    Do you have to have a very structured day in order to ensure the companies you work with are successful or find you can work spontaneously at each?

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    I'm mostly "forced" to work spontaneously at each, depending on current needs, but whenever I can I try to structure my day around the most important tasks for each company.

    Apart from Diffbot and SitePoint I also freelance for other clients, so I make it my goal to handle all the tasks for a specific client in a single day (most clients have a limited hour budget for me per week, and this usually fits into a heavily filled workday).

    The exception here is SitePoint for whom I work full time (so the other clients get crowded into timeslots after that), so 16 hour work days and 7-day work weeks are not uncommon.

    One might be concerned about burnout due to the high workload, but I've been doing this for a while now and don't feel fatigued yet (probably because I genuinely enjoy it all), and I'm trying to think as long-term as possible in regards to finances. The situation in Croatia isn't exactly stable, and I'm trying to set up my family for the future as best I can.