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I help people energize their lives with laughter, witty wisdom and outrageous stories

My name is Carla White, I help people who are fatigued, frustrated and fed up with their lives re-energize their life and renew their outlook

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  • What obstacle should people focus on confronting first when improving their lives?

    What is it that most frequently holds people back from achieving what they want in life? Doubt? Fear? How do people overcome these obstacles effectively?

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    Hi Pat,Thanks for the question.

    You nailed it...Fear holds people back. Doubt is just fears being articulated by our inner critics - my inner critic is a big bad ole' bully :-)

    There are two foundational emotions Love & Fear - the other emotions can be derived from them. Fear stands for Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real - One of the success principles I learned from Jack Canfield is to "feel the fear and do it anyway." Fear is a way that our subconscious mind keeps us safe - by keeping us in our comfort zone. Quite often though, the things we need to do to move forward are outside of our pre-conditioned habits, or something we have never tried before because if we had we would be experiencing a different outcome. To achieve what we want in life we need to be clear on what it is that we want, then take actions - often that we are uncertain of.

    One of the exercises that helped me was to write down what I was afraid of and ask myself if I absolutely knew that those were true. Somehow when I wrote them out and faced them head on, they had less power over me and I was able to move forward - sometimes more cautiously than others. I also found out that those fears that I had never happened.Hope that answers your question.Hugs and Happiness,Carla