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New York Times Best-Selling Author of Children's Books

My name is Carmen Agra Deedy, I write and edit books for young readers, and I am on this forum to answer your questions about the craft.

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  • Would you ever consider screenwriting as a career?

    Hi Carmen, I watched your TED talk and the way you engage with the audience is awesome. It was so easy to visualize how the story was panning out with your details. Have you ever considered screenwriting for a movie before? I think you'd be great at it!

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    I attended McGee's screen-writing workshop in L.A. some 3-4 years ago and left thinking it would be fascinating work, but I would need to take a considered approach to it. There is so much to learn! It would be like starting over in a way and verrrrry humbling––puts me in mind of Chaucer's Parliament of Fowls: The life so short, the craft so long to learn . . .

    Meanwhile, I love story in all its forms. And have come to love writing. Currently, I'm in the thick of a Young Adult novel, The Book of Unintended Consequences. Wish me luck. And thanks for the thought-provoking suggestion.