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  • What hurdles do women in technology face?

    How should women in college best prepare themselves for the gender-specific hurdles that they will face when they enter the technology workplace?

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    I think the best way is to think there is no gender-specific hurdle exists.

    I personally think that in general, there are not too much gender differences in people's early career. When you are juniors, it is really depending on your capabilities and deliveries. The performance review criteria are pretty clear and specific. Once you can achieve the goal, I think you would get the promotion you deserve. For sure there are some unfortunate exceptions.

    Things might change a little bit when you reach the manager level. But it's too far for you now :)

    But, I believe that if you don't want the gender-specific hurdle to exist, you have to first act like there is none. Treat people equally then people will treat you back the same way.

    If you keep think about it, it's more likely you'll act that way. Psychology has proved that.