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My name is Cesar Serna, I am coder/marketer, I make and sell stuff online, WordPress plugins, iOS apps, membership websites, ask me something!

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  • How can being a proficient coder help you in online business?

    Will coding skills give you a competitive edge in any way? How?

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    Hi Luanne,



    Seriously, being coder can be helpful in creating what some call MVP's ( Minimal Viable Products )... Testing out ideas to see if they have any legs before investing anywhere between $15 to $100+ per hour on developers.

    Being a coder has helped tremendously by allowing the cycle of trial and error to go faster. Not having to wait on others or being out of pocket a large amount of cash just to test an idea. Instead, following the "Better Done, Than Perfect" saying, getting an idea done and out to see if people want it has helped in identifying projects worth investing time and resources into.

    Competitive edge won't come from just coding alone, the key is to absorb as much of the knowledge in the environment that coding places you in.

    For example, as a coder, we can just show up to work or take freelance gigs and not really care about the project, money in, money out, feast or famine.

    Or, you can observe and learn from best/worst business practices, marketing departments, management processes, strategic product changes, etc...

    Coder's, we get looped into many discussions on functionality, logic and planning. If we pay attention to all of these departments, disciplines and collective knowledge/experience of the people we come into daily contact, when it comes time to move on and work on our own projects, we have earned our competitive edge and are ready to apply it.

    Coding just gives us code, knowing what/where/when/how gives us the competitive edge. That comes from humbling ourselves and learning from outside our discipline.