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My name is Chad McCallum, Senior Software Dev at iQmetrix Software, ASP.NET/IIS MVP

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  • Is there any feature you feel is important that is missing in today's programming languages?

    If you were asked to invent a new programming language, what would its primary feature or capability be?

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    To be honest, I think most of the languages we use nowadays are fairly feature complete, at least for the day-to-day business cases I've been tasked to deal with.

    My dream language would be something with a touch from the scripting, compiled, and functional spaces, but for the most part C# has a good part of that covered. C# has the type safety (and benefits thereof), and good library package manager in NuGet. When you need to get a bit more type-less like with some of the features found in JavaScript, you can rely on the "dynamic" functionality within C#. And in-line anonymous classes and methods allow you to write concise code that otherwise would require another class and reference. Also, the Func and Action classes allow you to pass functions around as you would in JS or other function-first languages, enabling some advanced functional features.

    My only complaint would be the overhead with the intermediate language in .NET - if they could adopt a strategy like Go with their compilation and deployments that'd be great.