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One of the creators of Fantasy Life the app

My name is Charlie Russell, I am an entrepreneur & community builder. Right now I am working on the largest crowd sourced FF community in the world

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  • What's the vision for Fantasy Life?

    I understand that it can be hard to take on a community because it can grow any way it wants to but ultimately, what's your vision for Fantasy Life?

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    Thanks for the question! Our vision for Fantasy Life is to make it the best social sports community on the planet. We have moved from Fantasy Football to all Fantasy sports and we ultimately want to move to all sports in general.

    I agree that it can be hard to take on a community and that is why culture is so important. Community builders have to take the lead and create a culture that works for them ASAP. If they don't have any users then they must set the tone themselves; fake user accounts posting content, etc.