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I wrote the book about how to make money with Airbnb

My name is Chris Jennings, I'm a content producer who creates pieces that educate and entertain.

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  • It's important to update a website so it's new and fresh. How often should a website be reworked?

    Should websites be completely overhauled, or is it better to change things slowly over a period of time? How do you keep content fresh on your site? Is it better to shut down and overhaul or to make gradual site changes?

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    Great question Sharon! I'm no expert on web development. I think the content matters more than the frequency or recency. With my site, I decided not to include dates on the posts and I make no effort to have the latest, timeliest news. To me, there is more value in creating evergreen content that will come up in organic search results. Having said that, if you are looking to make aesthetic changes to your site, both methods (overhaul & gradual) would work. I see no need to completely shut down and relaunch (unless it's a total pivot or brand overhaul). Hope that helps!