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Award Winning Photographer, writer & campaigner

My name is Chris John Ball, Fine Arts Photographer, Campaigner & Writer. A campaigning artist drawn towards anti-censorship & pro-disability rights

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  • What advice would you give to others wishing to see changes made in their community for a move in the right direct for pro-disability action?

    Are there legalities that should be considered when fighting for the rights of pro-disability causes within a community?

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    Hi David, many thanks for your question and please accept my apologies for not having answered sooner.

    What advice would I give - that would have to be 'never give up, never let yourself get ground down'

    Have a look to see if there is an action group within your area. In the UK there is Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and, in Scotland, Black Triangle. Joining a group of like minded people can help in that it gives you support and a means to pool resources. Many groups have access to a legal team who can offer up advice both on an individual level and on any group action.

    On the subject of legalities - I can only talk about the United Kingdom. It depends upon where you are but, in the UK, one has, under certain circumstances, to give advance notice of your action. In the UK, sadly, the Police who come to 'maintain order' during a demonstration or group action are not your friends. I am referring to the police units who are there to gather intelligence.

    Corporations and Businesses will seek and acquire protection, especially if they consider you to be trespassing. Sometimes one has to break the law to gain any advancement for your cause. I am of course NOT talking about violence - there is no excuse for violence at all, ever. laws of trespass etc may have to be broken, do not damage property. Small legal points include leafletting - you can be, in some circumstances, charged with littering, or be faced with a clean up Bill, if people throw away the leaflets you have been handing out.