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My name is Chris McGrath, Software Engineer, App & Open Source Developer from Brisbane

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  • Has anyone heard of an applicant who's willing to learn a new *speaking* language on the job? How effective is this idea?

    I found a great opportunity on and it's for a software engineer position and the skill set is my type (Angular JS, JavaScript), remote friendly and learn new technologies on the job. The only hiccup is that I can't read or write Japanese. The job description doesn't say what level I need to know Japanese but I would say I'm a quick learner and had no problem with it when I took it back in high school.

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    hmm, I guess it depends on the main methods of communication. If 90% of communication is done through text then you can rely on translator technology, so it shouldn't be too ineffective.

    But learning a new language is hard and not something everyone can do. If I was hiring someone on such an idea, I'd want you to show that you had already learned a second language to show that you have that capability.