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  • What are the benefits that help you decide whether to work for a company?

    It appears that it is becoming more prevalent that companies will wave the ‘fun flag’ in our faces. They’ll talk about how they have video games, ping-pong tables a lots of other toys and such. On occasion, we’ll even hear about how there are things like free lunches and group activities and so on.

    I am interested to know how much of these things actually factor into your decision as a professional on whether or not you are going to work for a company?

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    Employers do this type of thing for one of two reasons: 1) they honestly care about their employees health and well-being and realize that taking breaks to do fun, stimulating things can actually increase productivity or 2) they have nothing else to offer and think these things will attract talent.

    Google, for example, has things like this, but they're not the selling point of working with Google. They're offered as a perk, but there's actual, real perks, as well, like good pay, benefits, supportive work environment, etc.

    If you find a company that it's trying to sell you on all the toys and isn't talking about important stuff like salary and benefits, they're in camp 2 and you should run, not walk, away.