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My name is Clayton Wood, I'm a marketer focused on coaching, speaking and exploring what makes people make decisions online.

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  • Which one among the countries that you have visited do you think has a promising future in the field of online marketing?

    People around the world have different cultures, daily habits, spending habits, and media consumption habits. Basically, they are separate markets and they respond to online marketing differently -- some are more welcoming while some still prefer the more traditional marketing practices.

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    The two countries I see have the most potential in digital marketing are Australia and China.

    Australia has the progressive mindset of the west, along with some very advanced design oriented workforce. Acceptance of digital marketing advanced tactics is prevalent, but not widespread. That's changing month to month and Australia is being looked to for some of the smartest marketing methods in 2015.

    China is a mix between search, display and in app mobile stuff. Drilled down into the right niche and you see some wide opportunities for advanced tactics in SEO, Link Building and re-targeting.