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  • What does a 10X Engineer do and understand that the rest of us don’t?

    Some research studies that indicated that the best engineers are not twice better than their counterparts, but rather 10 times more productive. That is a lot. What do they do and understand that I don't? How can I start becoming a better engineer or is it innate?

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    - Learn new stuff constantly- - In particular, learning new debugging techniques has a great long-term payoff- - Learn how your tools *work*- Listen to other (smart) people's ideas & comments, you *never* have *all* the answers- Rewrite your own code to improve it, don't just rest on your laurels

    Finally:Nearly always *less* lines of code is better.Figure out how to rewrite the job in fewer lines of code (that still look elegant, and not 1 10K long line, etc)Sounds like a crude metric, but with 40 yrs coding it's amazingly effective.