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8 year career to mid-career position at top infosec company in less than 2.

My name is Cody Sparky Wood, security dork

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  • How did you start working for media giant company, NBCUniversal, Inc.?

    What types of new things have you learned since being at one the top leading media companies?

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    Short Answer: Luck, Timing, Hard Work.

    Luck: Happened to make a career transition from mining changing my hobby of "tech" into a career pursuit. Signed up for a programming bootcamp. Got kicked out of the bootcamp. Interned at a hackerspace. Got a job at a software security company. Got a higher paying lower quality job at a credit card company running their web application security program. Acquired a better paying higher quality job at NBC. Currently I do not work for NBCUniversal as of two months ago I transitioned into a software security company running their managed services program. Basically working as the application security subject matter expert for multiple companies.

    Timing: The market for webapp security is HOT. There is very few people not only involved in security, but that have the specific niche of web application security. In addition to this I have been working hands on with nearly all of the tools in the industry and understand them at their most fundamental levels. The programming bootcamp also made this transition much more fluid as a programming mentality and skill set is instrumental in information security general.

    Hard Work: I spend 2-3 hours and most weekends sharpening my skills. Ranging from basic programming (Python, NodeJS, to Ruby). Participate in capture the flag online tournaments. In addition to all of this I love what I do so none of it feels like work.