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Building a DB Application with built in Web Interface

My name is Corbin Matschull, I am an IT Engineer at a startup company in Utah, I focus on high reliability and clean code.

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  • Why is efficient code viewed as a substitute for clean code?

    Should clean code take precedence over the benefits of efficient code? In what ways can a more balanced approach help?

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    The main reason why efficient code is viewed as more "viable" than clean code is due to the fact that... As the company or team is developing their product, they're focusing their main effort on making the code as bug free and efficient as possible. After release they can worry about cleaning up the code and refactoring it.

    I do not believe that clean code should take precedence in the main development stages of a product, focus on how efficient you can make your code in the beginning. I think the best thing you can do to have a balanced approach would be to make comments in your code that you can port over to doc files later on and then create a standardized format your team or company uses to format their files with.