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Wedding Planning Guru!

My name is Cristina Heald, Started and grew a highly regarded wedding planning company with 100+ events under our belts since 2007!

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  • How do you help your clients deal with stress?

    Weddings can be stressful, but how do you get past that and keep everything enjoyable?

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    I focus on the pre-planning process. What I've come to learn is the more are involved we are the less stressful our clients tend to be! Customizing packages to the clients exact needs plays a large roll in making that possible. Since each wedding is unique in their own way, customizing the packages helps us get involved at the ideal time, to assure that the couple encounters the least amount of stress as possible! In addition to really customizing the packages and being involved when we professionally know is needed, we also focus heavily on customer service. I have a strict 24 hour response time to emails and voice-mails to our couples. Knowing they can get a hold of me at anytime and have a swift response plays a large roll in leaving the stress at bay!