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Assistant Professor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity

My name is Cyndi Burnett, I teach creative thinking and creative problem solving to undergraduate and graduate students at SUNY Buffalo State.

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  • What would you include in an high school Innovations course?

    Cyndi,I believe a strong focus in schools should be providing students with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever changing future. I am currently developing a two semester high school Innovations course to provide students with these skills.

    Semester IInstructors will introduce and reinforce the following topics with self - discovery assignments, research, and reflective projects. - Understanding yourself as a creative: Understanding your values Developing a creative mindset Embracing a gritty attitude Gaining creative confidence - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - Collaboration - Adaptability - Entrepreneurship - Communication - Research - Curiosity and Imagination

    Semester IIThe second semester is designed in genius hour fashion. Students choose a topic they are passionate about and would like to approach. Throughout the semester students will create a body of evidence demonstrating master and/or improvement in each of the first semester topics in an electronic portfolio.

    What would your high school Innovations course look like?

    Thank you

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    Hi Steve!

    I love to hear about teachers who are able to teach whole courses around creativity in K-12!!! It is my personal passion and mission to help teachers find ways to deliberately bring creativity into the classroom and I would love to help you.

    First, these are fantastic skills to teach your students. How do you plan to cover them? I have a udemy course on how to teach the creative mindset and creative problem solving process with short, animated videos. It also has a workbook that goes with it. If you use the code 20off for 20% off the price.

    Second, I have worked very closely with Elmwood Franklin School. They designed an IDEA (Individually Determined Exploration Area) project: similar to what you have described as your second course. I would be happy to have a conversation with you on what they did. Just email me at

    Finally, I have a Massive Open Online Course on Igniting Your Everyday Creativity that is free on coursera: You will find lots of great resources over there. Invention is a fabulous way to cover all of your topics, so take a close look at module four and five for information!

    Best,Cyndi :)