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My name is Damon DiMarco, I've written "Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11," "The Actor's Art & Craft," "The Brown Agenda," & other books.

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  • Which form of writing is usually the most profitable?

    Hi, I'm currently a sophomore in college and I'm seriously considering writing as a career. Outside of freelancing though, would you say writing is a profitable career? Which form of writing is usually profitable for an average writer? Non-fiction, news, short stories, screenplays etc? Thank you

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    Dear Anonymous,

    Stop thinking this way. Seriously. In my opinion, it's bad for your development as a writer. As in very, very bad.

    Isabelle Allende said: "Writing is a calling, not a choice." Meaning: stop using your head to figure out what kind of writing will pay you the most. Instead, start using your heart to write that which you can't NOT write.

    The rest will likely take care of itself.

    One final point, I'd like to address. Your question mentions "an average writer." There's no such thing.

    Now go write that which you love, and who knows? Others may love it, too.

    Good luck.