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I went back to college at 27 and now I build iPhone apps...and they pay me.

My name is Daniel Burke, I'm a life-worn software engineer who never quits. I run,bike,ride,shoot,photograph,&scuba dive.

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  • Is there a central platform for creating apps or is each program distinct and unique from one another?

    Do you feel a streamlined and centralized app creator is the best way to create uniformity and consistency across the board?

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    I suppose it depends on what you mean by "apps." An application that's developed for the web is considered an "app" as well and can be built with any text editor :)

    When it comes to "native" apps, I'd have to say "not really." When developing for iOS, if you're going for truly native you'll be using XCode and for Android you'd probably be using Android Studio or Eclipse with a plug-in.

    There are some cross-platform frameworks out there such as Xamarin and Appcelerator, but they're not really "native." They attempt to translate some language that the coder is familiar with into native code. This will always fall short as long as there is someone who has to keep the framework up-to-date. Currently, the only way you can truly take advantage of all that these native platforms have to offer is by using the platform-specific tools. This is by design, as the platforms are currently owned and driven by major corporations with a vested interest in some level of control.

    Further, I think in many cases I wouldn't actually recommend a streamlined centralized app. There are so many nuances and flavors that these native platforms offer. Taking advantage of them in order to really create an experience that the user is comfortable with is valuable. There are also features that are supported on some OSs and not on others. You'll want to take advantage of those as well to truly offer the best experience.

    If efficiency in development, meaning targeting the largest audience in the least amount of development time on the smallest budget, is most important to you, then the streamlined approach works best.