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  • How do you find a balance between managing, and micromanaging?

    Everything rests on the project manager's shoulders, this can make it easily to fall into the trap of micromanaging everything. This often leads to resentment from those under you, how to you avoid this?

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    It can be a difficult aspect, however it depends a bit on the hierarchy in the company. First and for all, you shouldn't micro manage project members who you aren't the direct superior to. If someone is in the team and he sucks, talk to his superior. He should micro manage him if necessary.If the people are within your team and you are their direct superior, you should first ask yourself why you hired someone, who needs micromanagement :) Long term he should be replaced if the situation doesn't improve.It is also important to understand the stakeholders and responsibilities within a project. By no means, there should only be one person responsible (i.e. the project manager). Try to find other stakeholders and get them to do their part of the project. The list of stakeholders and responsibilities need to be clear and written down in a Project Setup Document (or similar).The was quite a bit now on, how to move responsibilities away from you :) Assuming now, you have sorted out the team structure and reduce the people you need to micromanage to a few less, this is how I approached it:Normally a team consists of several members who have the same position, for example you have a bunch of developers, a bunch of engineers, a bunch of designers. Pick the most senior in each team (or the one who cares most) and assign them the role of manage the other guys within their group. This doesn't always work, but often you have some guys who do a good job and enjoy the added responsibilities. If it's difficult to decide who should be the "sub team leader", make the team themselves decide. This person should then represent his team in meetings.

    It's a pretty complex topic and I could write a bunch more about it, but I believe it's getting confusing already. Sorry, I'm not a great writer :) Let me know what you think and if you want me to elaborate more into some specific area!