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My name is Daniel Tsvetkov, Founder and CTO of Opinew

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  • What was the inspiration behind creating the platform you did?

    Do you feel the platform fills a need that was not addressed before you created Opinew?

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    Lying is bad. I don't get any authority or respect when I see the reviews in a website - I have no idea how they got there, who wrote them, how real are they. Usually they are sorted by date which is in no way useful. If they are sorted by something else, I want to know what that is. How many reviews have been hidden/deleted by the merchant? I want the 5-star rating to actually mean something.

    There has been a lot of controversy recently with fake reviews on Amazon and other services. The Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has even concerns that writing or soliciting fake reviews could be potentially illegal - it's basically lying to your customers (https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/436238/Online_reviews_and_endorsements.pdf).

    Fake reviews, both positive and negative, are a big problem. Existing solutions lack transparency over the methods by which they authenticate reviews. They are also very expensive for small companies or miss critical features like responding to a customer review or allowing rich multimedia like photos or videos to be included in the review. Given the explosion of video and picture content in apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube this lack of keeping up with the trends gives less opportunities for business owners to interact with their genuine customers.

    What Opinew is ultimately aiming to achieve is:* Complete transparency over the process of gathering reviews and exposure of inside information about the metrics of the current review without compromising customer privacy.* Developing a machine learning algorithm that surfaces the highest quality reviews developed using state of the art technology and using latest data from scientific research in the field of customer reviews.* Ability for customers to express themselves using photos, videos and other interactive content. This is twofold: it increases the credibility of the review and reviewer, and taps into the Millennials desire to share interactive content. Existing solutions provide this feature after having to pay more than $400 per month.