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I Co-founded Wiselike. I'm the Product Guy.

My name is Darius Salehipour, I designed an app that got over 6m monthly active users. I also run a meetup called PRODDUCT in SF.

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  • What's been the biggest challenge with Wiselike?

    I'm really impressed and interested in the mentorship space. You've done a smart job. Thank you.

    So, why did you build Wiselike?

    And where do you hope it goes?

    Did you always believe in your idea? Or were/are you skeptical of it's potential impact and success?

    Thank you very much! Chas

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    Helping people find "their people" easily and in a meaningful way. Communities thrive when each individual feels welcomed, surrounded by people similar to them. Currently Wiselike is more of a utility: you ask a question, you answer a question, you leave. There needs to be more options for discovery and passive-usage (ie. reading answers from people you would find interesting).

    Most communities solve this using a feed of some sort. We are thinking of that too. It’s not enough to show people a list of content, they need meaning behind the content - a reason to read and interact with the person answering. This requires an intelligent relational database, and the smarts to utilize it accordingly. We plan to give people more incentive to answer and come back to read: your effort spent answering should be complimented with our ability to distribute your knowledge appropriately, putting the right content in front of the right people at the right time.

    I built Wiselike with the team so I can see a world where your current network doesn't matter, but your ability to ask the right questions to the right people _does_. Curiosity and drive > privilege and happenstance. Meeting new people who are in your area of expertise, and outside of it, tends to be exciting and helpful. It gives you perspective, new friendships, and the confidence to accomplish what you want. These and more get me excited to keep growing Wiselike :)

    I did not always believe in the idea. We ran a startup called CareerDean before Wiselike, and thought about changing to this type of Q&A for around a year. We pivoted once we did believe in the idea. It’s a basic system, it’s somewhat of a public email address (with some necessary private workings to avoid spam and hate messages). You have an inbox which everyone can read once you decide to answer something. That idea alone is awesome and universally applicable (like email); now it’s about execution.

    I’m happy to hear you also care about helping others. It’s not every day you get the chance to help everyone in the world learn from each other. Spread the word about Wiselike so one day we can all have free and direct access to the world’s knowledge :D

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    Thanks Darius. Great work. Great thinking.

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    Darius, followup question:

    I'm amazed at the breadth of people on Wiselike, especially how many are answering questions. Can you share with me why you think people are signing up and then actually responding to questions? It's crazy, right?! They are getting paid (as far as I can tell).

    Again, bravo. Nice work.

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    Love your vision with wiselike! Would love to contribute any way I can!

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    Chas, thanks - the diversity of people on Wiselike is awesome!

    As far as I know, people are signing up because they hear about us through a friend, we reach out, and/or they find us online (in a blog post, techcrunch, googling, etc.).

    Answering a question tends to leave a good feeling in your heart. Knowing the answer to something gives you many feelings:1. Generosity - "I helped someone in need, I am a good person."2. Pride - "I knew the answer, and someone else didn't."3. Self Reflection - "I had to really think back through what I've learned to answer that, wow I know more than I thought."4. Purpose - "People need me, they came to me because I'm the one with the answers."

    These are some of the feelings that drive people to signup and answer someone's question. They are not getting paid :)

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    Isaac, thank you! Answer questions, ask some, help others in the community, have fun :) Tell your friends about us if the occasion calls for it, see what they say.