Another icon than the floppy disk for "Save"?

This question was asked by @isRoying, noting that many younger users have never used a floppy disk. Settling for the text "Save" seemed a safe bet. Your thoughts?

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In interface design, it's better to be clear rather than clever. I try to avoid using 'only an icon' to represent an action or an option for a user; unless the icon will safely reveal it's identity in the early stages of using the interface, by clicking it or else. (Example: the notification icon at the top right is currently just a bell icon. But clicking it doesn't cause negative behavior, and if you never click it, that's ok too... you'll eventually notice it's use when you get a red bubble notification over it).

Icons are _not_ universal, no matter how much someone wants to convince you. People _read_. Words, chosen well, are almost unmistakable for what the action will do. When in doubt, make the interface _clear_. Try not to purposely follow a fad or trend to make something 'cool' if it sacrifices basic usability.

My two cents. Good question Roy, where's your wiselike page ;)

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"clear rather than clever"—great guideline for a novice!