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CTO @ Wiselike

My name is David Oliveros, I'm a web engineer interested in new technologies, web development, and music.

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  • What technologies did you use to build Wiselike?

    What's your tech stack? This is one of the fastest sites I've ever visited btw!

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    Wiselike is a single-page, Single-state tree, Universal React application, built on top of NodeJS, Isomorphine, Mongo, Redis, Neo4J and Elasticsearch.

    We use MongoDB as the persistence layer, Redis as the caching service, Neo4J to power the feed and recommendation engine, Elasticsearch as the indexing and search engine, socket.io to update the site on realtime, and a url-shortener built with Go to create short, shareable urls.

    You can see the full stack here: http://stackshare.io/wiselike/wiselike