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Cookbook author and food blogger

My name is David Lebovitz, I'm a baker and pastry chef living in the sweet city of Paris.

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  • Do you watch your daily intake when it comes to desserts?

    I've been baking a lot lately (bread, bagels, cookies etc). I end up grabbing these on the go for my mornings but I was wondering if you try to limit how much you bake because of all the sugar? By the way, I purchased your kindle version of your cookbook a few days ago. I'm still reading the lovely stories at the beginning though. You're a great storyteller!

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    Glad you like my book! I eat everything but in moderation, which sounds cliché but I think as humans, we are foragers and eat a bit of everything. However now we have cakes and cookies to deal with (!) but I continue to eat it all but don't gorge. And I eat for quality, not quantity. So if I eat cookies, they are good-quality made with wholesome ingredients.