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I'm addicted to writing. How can I help?

My name is David Leonhardt, I write books and blog posts, press releases and speeches - premium quality all the time!

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  • What's the best way to get exposure for your blog content?

    You seem like you're an experienced blogger, David. Any tips on how to successfully shed some light on a lonely blog?

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    Hi Dustin.

    First, build up your own social media following.

    Second, build relationships with like-minded bloggers who also have their own social media followings, so that they will share your content.

    Third, use amplifiers like ViralContentBuzz and JustRetweet and CoPromote.

    Fourth, it never hurts to guest post, to participate in Google Communities and LinkedIn Groups and just basically being as active as possible where your target audience congregates and where your peers congregate.