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  • What's an easy way to feel a "knot"?

    My friends tell me that my back has a lot of knots but I have a hard time feeling them myself. Any tips?

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    Good question.

    What do they feel like? Adhesions can feel like a 'hard lump', an unsually 'tight' area of skin, they may appear slightly swollen or blushed. They can be very subtle, to very obvious. A knot is actually better described as an adhesion, or change in a localised area of tissue. Your body is made up different types of tissue held together operating in compact spaces. Normally they all move smoothly past one another with little friction. Adhesions occur when there's friction or a stickiness in the local area.

    Possible causes are injury, imbalances in muscles, medication, overtired muscles, scar tissue, and poor posture. Nutrition, hydration, and good form in exercise can improve or reduce their occurrence.

    If you have adhesions you may feel tight spots when flexing your back gently, muscles may feel slightly tighter, you might have an ache or a warm feeling in the area. Some people find where they have adhesions, when moving alot they feel more tired in that area first.

    Try lightly palpating your relaxed muscles. Run your fingers across your skin very lightly, focusing on the sensation you feel. Move in 4 directions - up, down, left, and right. It can be more difficult to find them on yourself than others until you've got a bit of experience.

    You've inspired me to make a video for youtube. I'll update the answer in a few days with the link.

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    This answer is an eye opener David. Looking forward to your youtube video and sharing it with my friends. Until then, I'll share this answer!

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    +1 Do you recommend using foam rollers on a daily basis?

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    Hi Sarina

    Short answer: Yes, with the appropriate coaching and knowledge.

    Long answer: Foam Rollers are one of many tools that can be used to self treat your muscles and fascia. They're only effective if used with the correct technique, and knowledge to use them. As with any massage accessory there is potential for harm if miss used.

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    oooo I see thanks David, much appreciated :)