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  • Should I explore different languages, or should I stick with the one I’m good at?

    This is my senior year in college. I’ve been really interested in Java, and I’ve gone through a Java internship. My mentors in school tell me to go full on Java if that’s what I do know, and I do have a full-time Java developer position on door. But, I feel like I haven’t explored C++ that much, so I’m thinking on taking another internship as a C++ developer.

    Should I take my time and learn C++ first, or should I go full on Java? Thanks.

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    I say go for the full-time Java developer position. Based from what I've seen, being an expert in something leads to higher pay than a jack of many trades/languages.

    With that said, learning more than one language adds to your versatility and as you learn more languages and programming paradigms it will become easier to learn new ones (and this may lend well, if say you are in a fast-changing field that touches a lot of technologies -- like web development).

    In this case though, both C++ and Java are from the C family of languages, and as a constant observer of job ads, there seems to be more demand for Java (and C#, which is similar to Java) than C++.