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My name is David Rusin, Ph. D., I am a person from humble beginnings on life's journey. I was never supposed to accomplish what I have done thus far.

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  • What characteristics would you say are essential for someone to have, in order to be successful in your field?

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    Any field as far as i am concerned is to have empathy for others; understand we are all born imperfect; and being fair and consistent is very important. Don't lie, because eventually one loses count of how many and to whom. That sets one up for embarrassment, lack of credibility or someone you can't trust.

    I don't separate being in "my field" with "my life." They are sort of integrated and mutually dependent. The narrowness of being in a field has a tendency to pigeon hole people from opportunity. Especially new opportunity. Variety is the spice of life.

    I can have just a good time talking to a CEO as I can the mail person. There is alays something to share or gain. This judgmental thing based upon clothes someone wears, or look, perceived wealth is all a facade. Never Judge a book by it' cover.

    My daughter had a friend in High School. She was brought to this country from the Congo where she witnessed relatives being slaughtered. Never think you have had a bad day.

    As I often say; things could always be better or they could be worse. Just accept things as they are. The more you push, the harder the gain. Each of us are one person out of over 10 billion in this planet; believe me someone out there is better than you at many things and others are not. I prefer to understand the nature of one's character over appearances, lifestyle, etc. - those things are on the back burner to me.

    If you ever want to Lead; one's character counts along with a sense of fairness all the time; with no exceptions. Being consistent as a Leader makes or breaks you. For example, I have been a CEO of a $6 billion corporation and a serail entrepreneur. Under all those circumstances; no matter where I was - I always would introduce a person from our company as a person whom works with me. I never would say; they work for me. Truth be told, the CEO is in the weakest position of any company. He or she requires everyone else to be unified and having shared values for the business and everyone within it to succeed.

    Never look at any C-level person in awe. They are just as human as you or me.