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Being online since 1987, I've seen the Internet's topography change over the decades.

My name is Dean Michaud, Software Developer, PC Gamer, Parent, and a citizen of the Internet.

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  • Will anonymity online exist in the next 10 years?

    People are increasingly upset over loss of anonymity on the internet. What are ways in which people may ensure they don't lose all privacy in the future?

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    In just 10 years?

    Likely anonymity will still exist in 10 years... Unless there a rather strong disruptive change made to the infrastructure of the internet.

    As for how to protect (and not lose) your privacy?

    Educate yourself on how data is stored, sold, shared, and propagated over the internet... and always be aware that you may not always have full control over information able you (your friends may mention you, or tag a photo of you, etc.) - knowing this will allow you to make better decisions on what information to share publicly, and what you'd rather your grandmother never know about.